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circa 1912

Standing atop the center pile of lumber is founder Henry H. Mininger, in this early 1900's picture taken at Shelly & Fenstermacher in Souderton, PA.  Henry acquired the business from Jacob C. Delp (pictured directly to Henry's right).  Mr. Delp would later go on to sell the Lumber/Hardware portion of the business to Shelly & Frank Fenstermacher in 1921.  Henry would eventually pass the business on to his son Harold, Harold to his son Ray, and Ray to his son Bryce in 2014.  Bryce's son Drew now works for the business as a 5th generation employee.


In 2018, H. Mininger & Son, Inc. acquired David Brooke Rush Builders,  another local family owned business, solidifying their position in the residential marketplace.  Brooke Rush is now the residential coordinator, giving residential customers the benefit of 40+ years in the construction industry.

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