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Get ready…it’s a long one.. We kept the cookie baking location flexible, since we were not sure of the kitchen status at the time we chose the date.  If need be, we can work in my sister’s rental house.


Honestly, I thank you for keeping everything moving at good steady pace in spite of the challenges with COVID.  There was really just a little bit of idle time while we awaited the countertops, which was expected.  


Initially, I was skeptical, but you convinced me that it would be OK to move my big fridge to the dining room, to screw in plywood to close off all access to the back of our house, to turn my beautiful dining room into a pantry - I was afraid it would be a nightmare!!  But you talked me through how it could work, and I trusted your experience, drank your "Kool aid" and began to see it as a challenge.  Losing access to a kitchen during COVID for that amount of time seemed frightening, but maintaining access to my laundry/kitchen helped me cope!!  In the end, I actually enjoyed the challenge of planning meals around weather - to grill or not to grill outside.  My salvation, however, was certainly the instant pot…if you did not run out and purchase one, I would highly recommend least to any other clients remodeling a kitchen.  I cooked a 9lb turkey breast in that appliance and the only thing missing was a crispy skin!  I give honorable mention to the grill, since it doubled as an oven on many occasions…and I was able to successfully bake a swiss onion rye bread in it…a proud moment for sure…LOL!!  


Seriously, I took on and even enjoyed the challenges, and certainly the result was worth any pain.  The new kitchen not only looks fabulous, but it will function so much better.  It is daunting to keep confidence that all the individual, disjointed selections will result in the cohesive look you are hoping to achieve, and honestly, it is such a delight and a relief when that unfolds.  Thanks for your experience and guidance all along the way!!


Everyone working on the project was professional and personable, and I always felt that their main goal was to please us in any way possible. Feryl and Kevin are such skilled, conscientious craftsman...and Feryl’s occasional serenades were just a fun added bonus!!  I am thankful for everyone’s contributions - Patrick at Mayo, Roxanne at Santoro, Bob the painter, and Good’s Plumbing - it’s clear to see that they all aim to please and they all take pride in their work, qualities that are not always easy to find today.


I want to single out NF Landis.  We have been purchasing our appliances from them for many years since a friend recommended them to us, so I know their level of customer service.  However, they went above and beyond not only storing our appliances for months during the COVID delay, but also making the final installation happen in spite of their own scheduling hurdles.  Chris was beyond amazing - after working with him, I think he is not only a consummate professional, but such a gracious person.  It was a pleasure having him on our job!!


A huge thanks to you and the entire team!

Barbara, Perkasie, PA  

"We have used various GC's over the years and have been very satisfied with the way Brooke manages a job.  He is always on top of every detail and the overall status of the project.  His team is fully advised each time they arrive on site, and Brooke was out frequently to direct and answer questions.  On site, Feryl and Kevin worked diligently from start/finish each day.  Ask anyone on the job and they were very aware of Feryl's supervision and high level of expertise.  Feryl is very experienced, skilled and knows how to get a flawless job done.  Behind the scenes, Dawn helped with special requests and is an integral par of helping operations run smoothly - the wizard behind the scenes. " - Steve & Joann  

"You kept right on schedule - according to my calendar on the fridge - (just kidding!).  The best quality of work from your guys and all of the subs.  Met or exceeded all expectations - you always go the extra mile.  My bathroom is next."

Larry & Wanda G.

" I wouldn't use anyone else for a major project.  Thanks again, the bathroom looks great.  Next time we will use your tile guy.  You made a bad situation with our tile guy work.  I appreciate that.  You'll be hearing from us again."

Carl & Anita C.

"We love our addition and patio.  Thank you for the quality workmanship and attention to detail.  Enjoy the rest of your summer."

Kerry & Janet Y.

Thank you again for all of your work to create our beautiful Culinary Classroom and for attending the ribbon cutting ceremony earlier this month. The students absolutely love the classroom and have already made several delicious culinary creations.

Kristen - Quaker School (Horsham)

"Bryce brings experience, willingness to work with the customer, and is a good listener.  At Penn Foundation's recent 711 Lawn Ave project, we choose a design build format that allowed Bryce, and his subcontractors, to work with us during all aspects of the project - from start to finish.  This allowed for an efficient, quality project." - Phil Good (Penn Foundation)

"St. John’s Lutheran Church Ridge Valley is exceedingly pleased with our new ramp/stair entrance; it enhances the beauty of the old stone church. We are well pleased with H. Mininger and all of their subcontractors who were very conscientious, accommodating and friendly; there was no impact to the operations of our weekday preschool and worship/funeral services."

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